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Looking for a group housing services partner that can do it all? We know convention and special event housing services inside-out. We can provide any or all of the following services on demand.


Sourcing sets the foundation for your event. Whether you need support conducting site research, hotel selection, RFP development, contract negotiation, inventory procurement, or overflow solutions; we can meet your sourcing needs and build a platform for success.

Centralized Reservations

World-class events offer centralized guest room reservations for attendee convenience and planner assurance. We provide 24-7 online reservations with telephonic, fax, and email support. Included with centralized reservations management, we’ll set up a custom booking site for your group and handle everything from reservations commerce, booking support, inventory control, block and specialty group management, and hotel room list distribution. 

Program Management

If you’re looking for someone to develop, implement, and manage your group housing program in coordination with internal stakeholders, look no further. We’ll establish program objectives, draft policies, outline procedures, manage implementation, minimize financial liability, and maximize performance to meet your organizational priorities. You can outsource your entire housing program management at a price point you wouldn’t imagine possible.

Reporting & Analysis

Maximizing performance requires careful monitoring and analysis of event data. Our centralized online reservations software includes an administrative portal providing real time planner access for 24-7 booking pace and revenue monitoring, attrition mitigation, and trend analysis. Additionally, our experienced team will also monitor your event performance and provide periodic reports and recommendations. At the conclusion of your event, we’ll provide an executive report summarizing key metrics with expert analysis and suggestions for future improvement.

Hotel Compliancy & Piracy Protection

The protections afforded by your hotel agreements require proactive enforcement. As an optional service we’ll monitor hotel compliancy with contractual terms such as reservation handling, low-rate guarantees, non-competition, guest policies, and concessions actualization. We'll also check rates outside the room block to evaluate the impact that seasonality, compression, and piracy may be having on block performance and take corrective action.

Support Services

We offer a variety of supplemental services to meet common production requirements. If you require a support service not mentioned elsewhere on our site, please inquire whether we can assist you.

Need more information? Please contact us.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email, live chat, or social media.

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