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Getting Started


Eager to get started but curious how it works? Here’s a short overview of what’s involved.


  1. Initial Consultation/Q&A
    Send us your RFP with event specifications, or contact us to schedule a short, no-pressure consultation.

  2. Custom Proposal & Services Agreement
    We’ll prepare a custom proposal meeting your event specifications and provide a copy of our services agreement for your consideration. 

  3. Project Implementation
    Upon executing the service agreement, we’ll assign you a dedicated account executive to manage your account and coordinate your services implementation.

  4. Booking Cycle
    Your custom online booking site goes live, and your event housing is open for reservations!

  5. Post-Booking Administration
    After your event housing closes, we complete bookings commerce, distribute guest information to partner hotels, issue bookings reports, and handle any other post-event operations required.



Initial Consultation/Q&A: Your consultation may consist of a phone conversation or discussion via chat or email, whatever makes you most comfortable. We’ll answer your questions and request key event information so that we can assess your needs and address the topics of most importance to you. If you’ve prepared an RFP, sending it to us in advance of your consultation will expedite the conversation. Alternatively, you may download and complete our Quick-Quote RFP form, and either send it to us in advance or use it for reference during your consultation.


Custom Proposal & Services Agreement: Once we understand your event requirements and services request, we’ll prepare a custom proposal with pricing for your consideration. The proposal will address all services you requested and include a copy of our standard service agreement for review. If you have questions about the proposal, we’ll initiate a follow-up consultation and revise the proposal or agreement as necessary to meet your terms and budget.


Project Implementation:  Once you’ve signed the services agreement and paid any applicable deposit, your dedicated account executive will provide an implementation workbook to document any operational details and booking policies not already addressed by your RFP and consultation. The implementation workbook pinpoints essential information necessary to create your custom event booking site, load your guest room inventory, and manage reservations in accordance with event booking policies. We aim to cover every detail to ensure your meeting participants have a smooth and flawless booking experience.


Booking Cycle:  Once your online booking website is prepared we’re ready to open your event housing and accept reservations. Your online booking site will be live 24/7 from the time your event housing opens until the time it closes. If you contract our call center services to support reservations by phone, fax, and email, your call center will operate during the business hours specified in the services agreement.  During the booking cycle you’ll have 24/7 access to the planner dashboard for your event, providing you with real-time tools for monitoring pickup and generating reports. If you’ve contracted our custom reporting services, we’ll provide the periodic reports specified in the agreement. If your event booking policies require room deposits and cancellation fees, we’ll transact your housing commerce throughout the booking cycle as specified.


Post-Booking Administration: After your event housing closes we’ll ensure timely distribution of room lists to your partner hotels and perform any additional post-booking operations outlined in your services agreement. Once your event has concluded, we’ll request hotel partner actualization data and prepare an executive report for your organization. We’ll also provide a post-mortem consultation to review the executive report and answer any final questions you may have. If we’re servicing your next event, the post-mortem is a good launch point for considering changes to make your next meeting even more successful.

Initial Consultation
Project Implementation
Custom Proposal
Booking Cycle
Post-event Administration
Need more information? Please contact us.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email, live chat, or social media.

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