All of our services fit into one of three affordable pricing models, depending on the scope of services required.


Booking Commission (No Out-of-Pocket Cost)

Clients needing comprehensive services such as inventory sourcing, contract negotiation, program management, and centralized bookings are best-served by our commission pricing model. Under the commission structure, we negotiate a sales commission with the hoteliers committing rooms to your group block, and we collect our fees from the hotels directly. Hoteliers are accustomed to paying commissions to acquire business and reduce internal group management. Our low, sub-market rates enable hotels to compensate us without markup to your group room rates. As the organizer, you’ll be involved in the contract process and have full visibility into the commission amount and other terms of the group sales agreement.


Flat Booking Fee

Clients needing only centralized guest reservations handling may be better served by our flat booking fee model. Under this pricing structure we charge your organization a flat fee per guest reservation booked through our 24/7 online reservations portal and/or call center. Our per-reservation fee starts as low as $17.25* depending on the booking method and reservations volume. 


Hourly Consulting Fee

For á la carte executive-level services such as contract negotiation, program evaluation, or strategic planning we charge an hourly consulting fee based on your project requirements. In addition to quoting the hourly rate, we’ll also estimate the labor hours required to complete the project according to your specifications.


Upon receiving your event specifications or request for proposal (RFP), we’ll prepare a custom proposal outlining recommended and optional services, complete with pricing. Please contact our sales department for more information or submit your RFP by clicking here.


* Please contact our sales team to request a pricing quote.

Maximize your ROI.


If you produce an event that draws attendees from afar, you should offer a group room block. Cities and meeting venues measure your event's value proposition based on many factors, of which group hotel revenues can be the largest single criterion. If you aren't receiving hotel and venue concessions based on your group's lodging performance, you're missing out on valuable discounts and credits that lower your bottom line and/or produce additional meeting revenues.


Contact us to learn how to maximize your returns by launching a housing program for your meeting constituents.

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