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Gen Con 2019 – Housing Registration Terms of Service


By requesting a room assignment through Gen Con housing registration, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following Terms of Service:


  1. Housing Registration Dates

  2. Housing Eligibility

  3. Booking Method

  4. Minimum Night Stay Restrictions

  5. Credit Card Requirement

  6. Modification Policy

  7. Cancellation Policy

  8. Hotel Deposit Requirement

  9. Room Assignment Management

  10. Miscellaneous Restrictions, Limitations, & No Warranty


1. Housing Registration Dates. Housing registration start dates vary according to the registrant’s groupdesignation (Attendee, Exhibitor, etc.). Housing registration closes for all groups at 11:59 pm Eastern time, July 15, 2019.


2. Housing Eligibility. Eligibility to book room assignments within the official housing block is governed by the registration policies applicable to the registrant’s group designation. 


3. Booking Method. The Terms of Service apply to all room assignments regardless of booking method by which the request is submitted, modified, or cancelled (i.e. online, telephone, and/or email). 


4. Minimum Night Stay Restrictions. Minimum night stay restrictions are in effect for select groups, as established under the registration policies applicable to the registrant’s group designation. Where applicable, minimum night stay restrictions require room assignments to span a minimum number of nights and/or specific dates of the convention.


5. Credit Card Requirement. Self-paid room assignments must be secured with a valid credit card having an expiration date later than the convention end-date. The registrant certifies they are either the owner or authorized user of the credit card account and authorizes payment of applicable cancellation fees and hotel deposits to the credit card securing their assignment. 


6. Modification Policy. Room assignments can be modified until housing registration closes at 11:59 pm Eastern time July 15, 2019. Modifications are free of charge, provided the room assignment is not cancelled in its entirety. Possible modifications include change of hotel, room type, stay dates, roommates, guest contact information, special requests such as ADA Accessible room, and credit card information.


7. Cancellation Policy. All room assignments are subject to cancellation fees. Room assignments cancelled before 11:59 pm Eastern time, June 10, 2019 are subject to a $50.00 USD cancellation fee per room. Room assignments cancelled after June 10, 2019 are subject to a cancellation fee equal to one-night stay per room. Q-rooms LLC will be listed as the merchant originating the cancellation fee on the cardholder’s account statement. 


8. Hotel Deposit Requirement. After housing registration closes on July 15, 2019 the assigned hotel(s) will charge a non-refundable deposit equal to one-night stay plus tax per room to issue reservations confirming each assignment. The non-refundable deposit also serves as the reservation cancellation fee if the guest cancels with the hotel directly after July 15, 2019.


9. Room Assignment Management. Room assignments are unique and personal to the Gen Con account holder who requested the assignment. Room assignments cannot be transferred, traded, or otherwise re-assigned among Gen Con accounts, and room assignments connected to one Gen Con account will remain associated with the account until housing registration closes or the room assignment is cancelled.


10. Miscellaneous Restrictions, Limitations, & No Warranty. Registering to participate in the convention does not guarantee a hotel room assignment within the official housing block. Obtaining a Gen Con room assignment does not guarantee a confirmed hotel reservation. When housing registration closes, room assignments will be transferred to the hotels for reservations issuance & deposit capture.


No warranty of room assignment or booking service is expressed or implied. Neither Gen Con LLC nor Q-rooms LLC (“Management”, collectively) is responsible for hotel fulfillment of guest accommodations and related services, including but not limited to reservations handling, deposit capture, guest placement, suitability of accommodations, guest services pricing and fulfillment, and guest billing accuracy. Management’s financial liability for room assignments is limited to the fees collected in accordance with the cancellation policy. 


Access to the online housing registration website is granted exclusively for personal usage by convention registrants. Sharing, selling, or otherwise transferring registrant’s access is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized access and/or improper usage of the housing registration website will result in forfeiture of housing eligibility and cancellation of room assignments at Management’s sole discretion.


Gen Con account holders are liable for any cancellation fees assessed in connection with room assignments associated with their account. If a credit card securing a room assignment is declined, the Gen Con account holder remains responsible for fee settlement.


Gen Con reserves the right to cancel without advance notice any room assignment made in violation of convention policy and/or these Terms of Service.

©2018-2019 Q-rooms LLC. Gen Con LLC is an authorized user. Gen Con 2019 housing registrants are authorized to print and save a copy for personal use.

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